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Ningbo Stationery implements the development road of extended connotation

With the rapid development of China's economy and the formation of a new pattern of world economic integration, the competition in the international stationery market has gone beyond the initial stage of product competition, and has entered the era of implementing standardized management of products and shaping industrial brand competition. Ningbo Stationery relies on the implementation of standardized management of the industry, takes the road of connotative development of Ningbo Stationery; relies on the brand strategy of "China Stationery capital", focuses on creating a new image of Ningbo Stationery. 1、 Ningbo Stationery Industry Association pays attention to the implementation of stationery industry standardization cultivation work, and guides Ningbo stationery enterprises to deepen mechanism innovation within enterprises, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprises to actively implement standardization work. Make enterprises understand that in the development of modern enterprises, the implementation of standardized technology management is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of stationery industry and a powerful guarantee for accelerating the transformation of economic growth mode. We should create a good environment and strengthen the confidence in the implementation of standardized technology management. It helps enterprises to establish a technological innovation system within the enterprise, enhances the internal power of enterprises to create high-quality stationery, promotes enterprises to transform scientific and technological innovation achievements into industrial advantages and competitiveness, and effectively promotes the improvement of industrial independent innovation ability. Further improve the industrial development planning, in accordance with the policy of the municipal government on adhering to the new industrialization road and accelerating the structural adjustment and upgrading, we formed a joint force with stationery enterprises to implement standardized technical management, vigorously supported leading enterprises in stationery industry, and led a number of small and medium-sized enterprises with leading enterprises, which achieved the enterprise development plan and industrial planning better The organic combination of. The future development of Ningbo Stationery Industry will rely on the brand of "China Stationery capital". It will continue to develop and expand Ningbo Stationery Industry and accelerate the cultivation of advanced manufacturing base. Guided by the spirit of the central economic work conference, we should conscientiously implement the spirit of the 11th Five Year Plan for industrial enterprises in Ningbo, establish a scientific outlook on development, actively optimize the industrial structure, conscientiously implement the standardization of stationery industry, actively participate in the work of the National Professional Standardization Technical Committee, actively integrate with the international manufacturing production standard system, and adhere to the new industrialization road. 2、 The title of "China Stationery capital" has greatly stimulated Ningbo Stationery Industry to take the road of high-quality development. With the strong support and cultivation of the government and relevant departments, Ningbo municipal government issued relevant supporting policies in time after Ningbo Stationery was awarded the title of "China Stationery capital" in January 2005, which further accelerated the development of stationery industry. Efforts should be made to give strong support to the development of stationery industry in terms of policies and funds. In the newly issued "several opinions on adhering to the new industrialization road and speeding up the structural adjustment and upgrading", the municipal government has made it clear that the stationery industry is one of the top ten advantageous manufacturing industries supported by the whole city, and will give key support and guarantee in terms of funds, policies and land, which will provide the sustainable and healthy development of Ningbo Stationery Industry in the next step Strong policy guarantee. According to the city government's strategic requirements for the development of Ningbo Stationery Industry, Ningbo Stationery Industry Association is also actively planning the industrial construction of "China Stationery city", aiming to ensure that Ningbo stationery industry still maintains the first mover advantage in the new round of industrial competition, and takes the opportunity of "China Stationery City" to speed up the industrial structure adjustment, so as to make ningbowen in the new round of international competition To achieve leapfrog development, further enhance the strength of Ningbo in the international comprehensive competition. 3、 The basic situation of Ningbo Stationery Industry Ningbo is the most important stationery production, processing and export base in China. In 2005, the sales volume of stationery industry reached 22 billion yuan, and the export delivery value was 2.2 billion US dollars. Ningbo stationery industry has become one of the top ten advantageous manufacturing industries supported by Ningbo. Ningbo Stationery products have a wide range of products, including writing tools, paper books, hardware stationery, document storage supplies, chemical stationery, teaching aids, art supplies, student supplies, office cabinets, office consumables and office equipment. Looking at the development of Ningbo Stationery Industry, there are the following characteristics: 1. Actively implementing the international standardization strategy, the product quality of enterprises is generally good. Promoting the internationalization and standardization strategy of stationery industry is another important feature of the development of Ningbo Stationery Industry. Ningbo stationery enterprises timely seized the good opportunity of economic globalization and China's accession to WT0, actively carried out international technical exchanges and cooperation, explored new models such as joint venture, franchise and virtual operation, and fully distributed them in a new round of international industrial division We should make full use of our own "comparative advantages" to expand the production scale and strive to achieve leapfrog development. For a long time, Ningbo stationery enterprises have attached great importance to the standardization work. As early as the domestic stationery market was in a period of short supply, Ningbo stationery enterprises had already prepared for a rainy day, focused on the future, vigorously implemented standardized management, and added investment in enterprise management, quality management and other aspects, and the overall quality of enterprises has been comprehensively improved. At present, among the large-scale stationery manufacturers, more than 90% of them have passed the certification of various quality management systems. The percentage of stationery products that meet the national and industrial standards has reached 100%, and there are a large number of export products exempt from inspection.

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