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Look at the development trend of office stationery products in China

In the tide of market economy, a number of large-scale enterprises and even enterprise groups will emerge in the office stationery industry. Only those enterprises that have withstood the market test can continue to stand on the crest of the waves; those enterprises without strength and relying on speculation will be submerged in the tide of the market. It is very important to grasp the market dynamics of stationery products. Let's take a look at the development trend of China's office stationery products in 2015

1. Stationery is more beautiful

The future market will require stationery products to be more beautiful, more in line with people's aesthetic characteristics of the times, with a sense of the times. The aesthetic feeling should keep pace with the development and change of modern science and technology, and change in the process of change. While fully reflecting the beauty, it also needs the brand characteristics, so that consumers can identify the brand at a glance in the packaging or appearance design.

2. Internet of stationery industry

Online shopping is a new way of purchasing goods. The online shopping mall saves a series of expenses, such as renting stores, recruiting employees, storing and keeping. Generally speaking, the price of online shopping mall is cheaper than that of similar goods purchased by ordinary entities. Moreover, it is not limited by time. For example, professional stationery wholesale stores like jimaimo can "shop" at any time to obtain a large amount of commodity information and buy goods that are not available locally.

3. Stationery products should also focus on comfort

Comfort is the first need of people, and one of the signs of improving people's living standards is to enjoy comfort. It will not sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty like in the past. Comfort, a psychological and physiological feeling, has a very obvious impact on people's quality of life.

4. Stationery products tend to be multifunctional

Functional stationery must be the development direction of stationery manufacturing industry in the future, because with the improvement of life quality, the function of stationery products by consumers will continue to improve. An article can meet two or more functional requirements, which can provide a lot of convenience for consumers.

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