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How to promote new stationery to create value

With the development of stationery products, more and more students' stationery is endowed with a lot of fashion elements. It can be said that each new stationery has injected a lot of designers' creativity and painstaking efforts. Therefore, it is very important for stationery manufacturers to launch new products. Raising the price of products is the most effective way to increase profits. The problem is that the price of product channel is transparent, and it is difficult to raise the terminal price. Rigid price increases will lead to a rapid decline in sales. Therefore, the most effective way in theory is that there are great risks in the actual operation process, and the direct price increase method is not feasible, and the most effective way is to upgrade the products and improve the middle and high-end new products with high added value. This can not only solve the problem of channel price, but also change the problem of much more profit and loss in sales. In order to improve the success rate of medium and high-end products, we must solve the following problems:

1、 Positioning products and refining selling points

The competitiveness of products with core technology is relatively strong, because core technology is the best selling point. For products without core technology, we can refine its selling points and enhance the competitiveness of products. Generally speaking, student stationery belongs to the product with low technical content. In the industry, product homogenization is very serious. How to sell the same product differently depends on the refinement of the selling point of the product. The more prominent the selling point, the easier it is for consumers to remember. Once the consumption cognition is formed, the product is destined to sell well and become the industry benchmark. The distinctive selling point will form a benchmark of a certain category, achieve a new stationery product, and promote the development of the enterprise at a certain stage.

2、 Profit distribution and reasonable promotion

The reasonable setting of channel profit and promotion is to solve the problem that customers can't take delivery of goods and actively "sell" products after receiving goods. There are selling points of products, customers do not receive goods, will only rot in the enterprise's warehouse. If customers don't take the initiative to promote sales, the products will be unsalable in the customer's warehouse. Only when the channel profit of new products is at least twice that of bestsellers, can channel customers have the enthusiasm to promote new products. For different regions, channel profit requirements are different. The profit requirements of different channels are also different. The monopoly of special channel on resources determines that it requires higher profit than conventional channel.

3、 Distribution setting, gift attraction

Consumers choose best-selling stationery products first, and then choose new products on the market with the mentality of trying. Therefore, the terminal promotion in the delivery period is to solve the problem of whether consumers "buy" new products for the first time. The ways of terminal promotion in different channels are also different. For the consumers who buy the whole box through conventional channels, the effect of putting prize cards or gifts (such as cups, towels, etc.) in the box is better. For special channels, it is better to use "high price and high promotion" to return cash directly. For modern channels (supermarkets), it is better to use several packages as promotion units.

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